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I’m glad I don’t have a tight schedule…

When I decided to do a pilot project I set Spring 2008 as my goal for finishing. Then I got started on things and found myself prepared quick enough that I was mentally entertaining late Summer 2007 as an end date. Well, here it is, almost in July and no wood. I would have gone this weekend but they’re closed on weekends. I would have gone yesterday but had a Dentist appt. I would go today but I have to help my wife with the kids this afternoon. I think tomorrow that my mother wants to do something in the afternoon, but I’m not sure yet. It’s bound to be something though…

In the meantime news of my workbench has reached my extended family, and I already have a project taking up space. A chair needs it’s rocking platform lowered, and of course it needs a bench to to it right. Now I’m not saying that it could have been done it on the floor just as easy, but if you want to think that it’s ok with me. I’m sure this is just the beginning, but I’m still very very happy to have it.

Another nice thing about taking my time is that tools don’t have to be purchased right away. I’m following the local Craigslist and have seen some nice bargains posted. I think I’m going to get a power planer tomorrow, and will spend $60 for a rather nice Makita. Who cares if it’s a little used? I hope to get some good tools this way.

Anyway, what with the holiday next week nothing is likely to be accomplished anytime soon, but I hope I get the wood at least. I still need to find a local source for 1/4″ marine plywood but I’m not too worried about it. After all, I have time… :)


I feel great!

I actually got on the bike and did a hard 27 miles today. I’ve been caught up in one of those periods where every time I plan to exercise something comes up and I can’t. It had been almost two weeks since I rode and I really feel it. My blood pressure is getting high (work is stressful lately), my back is hurting, and I’m starting to feel the little aches and pains that come with age. It felt really good to do something about it today.

I plan to ride Saturday morning too. Then I pick my son up from Scout camp. Then, assuming I have time, I plan to go get some wood so I can get started next week. I’m going to have to do some driving to get the plywood, but I can get the hardwood locally and that’s not a bad thing. I also need to get some more tools, but I have time and I’m going to wait until I can get a good deal on some used ones.


I’ve done NOTHING

I haven’t order my wood.  I haven’t exercised.  I haven’t studied my plans.  I haven’t ridden my bike.

I’ve done nothing.

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Nothing left to do but order the wood

The workbench is finished and the garage is organized.


I have the plans and the budget, all I need now is the motivation to buy the wood. I found a place in Charlotte that carries kiln-dried douglas fir, but their marine plywood is all 1/2″ or 3/4″ thick so I need a source for that. I’ll probably get my fasteners over the internet, unless I find a local shop that carries them. That’s a possibility–I have all of Charlotte and also North Myrtle Beach to shop in, and between the two there should be a store somewhere.

You can get full kits from Glen-L, but after pricing out their fiberglass kits I think that their mark-up is a little steep and I can do much better on my own. Maybe if I lived in a small town I would feel different, but I don’t, so I don’t.

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30 miles this morning

30 miles at about 17 average and it wore me out. I got in the pool for a while and even though it’s just jumping around with the kids I didn’t make it more than 30 minutes before I was ready to get out and go relax.

I’m not going to do the triathlon next weekend. I haven’t trained and I just don’t see the point in it. I still might try to do the blood sweat and gears (the 50 mile part), but that’s just cycling and I think I can handle that. I need to ride a couple times between now and then.

In other news, the garage is starting to come together. I want to get the place organized this weekend because I’ll probably be ordering the wood next week.


Plans have arrived!

A fat envelope came in the mail for me, and inside was a detailed instruction booklet and several drawings that showed specific measurements and such for the Glen-L 15.  Unfortunately, due to my son’s graduation (whoopie!) from elementary school and a bottle of wine later I didn’t get a chance to really go through them, so I’ll have to comment another time.

I do remember my first thought.  Haven’t these people ever heard of CAD? :)


I like getting my wife flowers

In the spring you can usually get a nice looking bunch of flowers for a reasonable price if you look around.  We have a farmer’s market that visits my workplace on Thursdays.  They sell cut wildflowers for $11 a bundle, and I love bringing them home to my wife.  What I don’t get though, is why every single woman I work with always thinks it’s funny to act like the flowers are for them when I bring them back to my desk…


Pomp and circumstance

When I was young I vaguely remember a sort of ceremony when we “graduated” from elementary school. I know that it was the first time in my life where someone who wasn’t related to me told me that I was a smart kid. Other than that, I think that it was something that happened during school hours, and we probably got a half-day out of it (remember those?).

Anyway, my son graduates tonight. There’s going to be a ceremony in the evening, but I don’t think it’s black tie. I do know that parents aren’t supposed to rent limos for it, that would make some kids feel bad I guess. We make such a big deal out of these things now that I wonder if our children will have any sense of perspective when truly life-changing events occur. Getting my plans, for instance–that’s a life-changing event, right?

I expect my plans to arrive Saturday or Monday. That means that this weekend I want to finish the garage. That’s going to involve taking down some hooks, bracing the center of my workbench and installing a bottom shelf, and organizing my tools. My older son is 11 and it will be his first experience with power tools. When I was his age my father built an addition on to our house and I got all kinds of opportunities to “help” with that.

Working with big tools with your father can be a real bonding type of thing. I just hope that the video game generation hasn’t killed that. I’m sure that the XBox is a lot more fun than ripping a large piece of plywood, but maybe the kid will indulge me and act like he’s enjoying himself. What will probably happen is an initial interest followed by a plea to go swimming or inside after the first trip to the hardware store.

We’ll just have to see. :)


Here goes nothing

After giving the people at Woodenboat a couple of days to talk me out of it and into something else, I ordered the plans today. $97.50 for the plans (plus shipping), so I guess I’m committed (or should be).

It’s the Glen-L 15, BTW.

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Why this is going to happen

More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.Romans 5:3-5

No one will ever mistake me for a Bible-thumper, but there’s no doubt tons of wisdom to be found there. That passage was part of yesterday’s reading in church, and it kind of struck home with me in several interesting but probably dull to most people ways. I don’t dwell on my past, but I’ve certainly had my share of problems. Maybe I’ll discuss the someday, but not right now. I’m not a sad person by nature, and those are sad subjects.

Anyway, I’ve been through a lot just in the past five years, good and bad. It’s not all been suffering, but just as with the sad stuff emotional highs produce endurance as well. I’ve lost a lot and gotten a lot in return. I’ve been at the total bottom spiritually, financially and emotionally, and I’ve also been happier and felt more complete than I ever have before. I kind of thought the whole life experience roller coaster would be confined to your late teens and early 20’s, but apparently I’m wrong (or just a late bloomer).

So if endurance produces character, and character produces hope, then it’s no wonder that I really believe that I can get this done and done well. Sometimes I really wonder if I’m fooling myself but I don’t think I am. I quit smoking almost cold turkey because I believed I could do it. I got in shape for the same reason. I’ve done a ton of things in the last few years that could almost be described as impulsive, but they’ve all worked out well. Some have worked out very well.

I ran a marathon this past February. I didn’t run it fast, but I finished. It wasn’t all that hard, it just took a lot of training, patience, and a strong belief that with the proper preparation I could do it. Well, I did it. I also believe that if I follow the plans closely, take my time with things, and readily ask people who are smarter and more talented than I am for help when I need it then this boat’s going to happen and be pretty nice at the end.

Trust me, I’m no one special. There’s nothing really remarkable about me in any terms, I’m a pretty normal guy with my own unique blend of strengths and weaknesses. The difference is, I really believe that I can do anything I set my mind to right now. I don’t think enough people do, and that’s a shame.

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