What my wife did…

Yesterday I was getting ready to clean the garage when she stopped me. She said it looked like rain and we needed to go get something to eat anyway and she didn’t want me to empty the garage into the driveway right then. We also needed to hang around and wait for our babysitter to come get her coat. This is the person who normally watches the baby during the day while my wife works.

Anyway, we’re hanging around in the house and I’m wondering if I should sneak a beer before dinner when our sitter gets there. She’s carrying a pizza box and has her dog with her. I must have looked confused, because when I turned around my wife has this grin on her face and gives me a card she wrote. In it she said a few mushy things and tells me that we’re going on a date. Obviously, the sitter is there to actually babysit. I get sent upstairs to change into some clothes that she had laid out for me.

So we drive into Charlotte. She won’t tell me where we’re going until we’re about there, and it’s a hotel and not a restaurant. I’m thinking she wants to park there and walk, but instead she tells me that there’s a bag packed in the trunk and our date is going to be an overnight one. I take our stuff (there’s a cooler too) upstairs and we go out to eat. Then we hit a bar and play some foosball and pool, and then go back to the room for champagne and stuff.

This morning we got to sleep in, and we had a nice breakfast together without having to worry about the kids. I was so happy with all this, I took her to get hot dogs for lunch at Haps.

Apparently she’d been planning this for weeks, and a ton of people I know knew about it as did my entire family. After the stress of year-end and rolling out the new year’s plans at work (at one point I had three project meetings a day), I really got a lot out of a simple weekend away with my wife.

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