Inspiration comes from within

Once upon a time, in a coffee-shop far, far away, I was sitting with a few people who’s names I no longer remember, and I made a simple comment. “Some day I’m going to build a boat.” That’s the sort of thing lots of people say, be it about writing a book or getting in shape or moving to Hollywood or anything really. I remembered sailing on sunfishes at summer camp and on my Priest’s boat on the Hudson when I was younger, and thought it sounded like a good thing to do.

Of course, the next thing said was, “You’re never going to build a boat.” Thank you Lt. Mary Danko, for that shot of confidence. Attractive, funny, well-liked by many, out-ranking me just because she was a nurse and being just bitchy enough that morning to cut me to the quick, Lt. Danko unwittingly cemented that goal for me. Someday I may get the opportunity to thank her, and I’m sure she forgot the comment five minutes after she said it, but her laughing just struck me the wrong way at the wrong time.

So, twenty years later I’m finally gonna build a boat. Inspiration can come from the damnedest places, can’t it? Of course, it’s my choice to read things into her comments the way I do, and it’s my choice to react the way I have. Honestly, I think most inspiration really comes from within. :)