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Just a quick and minor update

First of all, the book I mentioned earlier is definitely a winner.  I’m taking it slow and enjoying it a lot.  It’s full of really interesting and good information.

In other news, Craigslist came through for me.  I got a really nice heavy duty table saw for a good price, and now all I need tools-wise are a router with table and a decent jigsaw.  My wife is pretty understanding about what I did with my money so I should be able to proceed once I get my cast off.   Hopefully that will happen in the next week or so. :)

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The Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat

My wife surprised me with a copy the other day, and I’ve started reading it.  I can already tell this is going to get rather dog-eared before I’m done.

In the introduction the author correctly notes that due to inflation and other price variances he can’t say how much stuff will cost in dollars.  So, he’s doing it according to the price of beer.

I’m going to like this book… :)


Did I mention the floors look great? :)

I can’t get over the floors and how good they look.  I’m not just talking about the main area, that was super easy.  I’m looking at the way I worked in the fireplace and the air conditioner registers.  I really think this is a very professional looking job, and am excited about doing the rest of the downstairs.

I did some calculations, and I think I can get the rest done for about $2,500.  That includes a new toilet and bathroom sink too.  Once we get it done we can say goodbye to the 80’s here.  I can’t believe the people we bought this house from did NOTHING to update it.  Granted, if they had we probably couldn’t have afforded it, but still…

If I do it, I wonder if I can get a bandsaw out of the deal… ;)



So in another post I told you why I haven’t bought my wood (I’m broke) and that I’m going to be more frugal. There’s another way though. Meet Mr. Badass Saw.


This is what I would have bought if I had decided to continue spending my car money on the boat project. I initially figured I would probably spend between two and three thousand dollars on tools. Well, I didn’t.

Still, you can get nice tools if you try. I’ve been looking at Craigslist religiously, and am fairly sure I’ll be able to get a good collection of used tools there. You can also get tools by doing household projects by yourself. I did that with our den, my wife wanted hardwoods. So, we could have spent a couple thousand on labor or she could get me a good saw and I would do it myself. We took the latter approach, and that’s how I got a great saw with household money.

To be honest, I also think my craftsmanship on the floor is as good or better than what we would have gotten and it really looks great. Making all the precise cuts and having them turn out so well was also a nice confidence booster. Not that I’m looking forward to doing the rest of the downstairs though…

Anyway, I’m gonna post more now that I don’t have to give a reason why I haven’t bought wood yet. :)


Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess living in an apartment in a city far, far away…

When I met my wife I wasn’t exactly in the best of places. I had been separated for about seven months and was still giving my ex most of my paycheck. I was driving a beat up old pickup truck (which I still drive, actually). I was living with MOTHER. Quite a catch, huh? Well, she took a risk on me anyway. We fell in love almost at first sight and I asked her to marry me after knowing her only five weeks. Not to cast aspersions on her judgment, I have to report that she said yes.

So, there I was, still married and ready to be divorced and get married again (hey, I was single for almost three days!). I had no money and no assets aside from an old jaguar convertible that I had from the first marriage. I told her that if I sold it I would get her a ring, but no one bit when I put a sign in the window. So when we did get married she got a very nice looking platinum band with diamonds in it to wear. No solitaire, but then again we’re both older and both had been married before.

Anyway, fast forward to the present. I want to build a boat, and she is very supportive of this. I clear out the garage, sell the jag (priced it a little low I think), and commence buying tools. I offer to give her some of the money for the house and she wouldn’t have any of it. I tried buying dinner, I wanted to pay a bill or two, but she was adamant that the money from the jag was for my boat. Being the selfish sort, I decided that it wasn’t for the boat per se, it was for my enjoyment. Having made that rationalization, I decided that I would enjoy getting her the diamond she deserved.

So happy birthday to my wonderful wife (belated here). I spent my boat money on a really nice ring that just looks great on her finger. I love making her cry like that! ;)

Does this mean my dream is over? Not at all, it just means I have to make deals and be frugal, which is fun to me anyway. I have enough cash to get started, and if I make my purchases piecemeal I should be able to leisurely buy and build over the next several months and still have my boat by the late spring.

Life is good. :)

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A quick update

I’m kind of broke right now, and I’ll explain that later.  I just want to say that my new sliding compound miter saw is totally badass!  My den floor looks great too…. :)


It’s a lazy Sunday morning

It really kind of stinks that the only way to get wood is to take time off work.  None of the lumberyards around here are open on the weekend.  They also don’t carry 1/4″ marine plywood.

I’m going to the beach next week.  I figure I should be able to find a place that carries the right plywood, and then I can bring it back here.  Since I’m using Douglas Fir, I can get that from a place that’s about 15 minutes from where I work, so I can just leave early one day and handle the rest of it.  I’ll start at some point, but it gets pretty hot in the garage.

Good thing that I’m in no hurry.  I still want to finish by next spring, and don’t feel any pressure at all yet. :)


I’m glad I don’t have a tight schedule…

When I decided to do a pilot project I set Spring 2008 as my goal for finishing. Then I got started on things and found myself prepared quick enough that I was mentally entertaining late Summer 2007 as an end date. Well, here it is, almost in July and no wood. I would have gone this weekend but they’re closed on weekends. I would have gone yesterday but had a Dentist appt. I would go today but I have to help my wife with the kids this afternoon. I think tomorrow that my mother wants to do something in the afternoon, but I’m not sure yet. It’s bound to be something though…

In the meantime news of my workbench has reached my extended family, and I already have a project taking up space. A chair needs it’s rocking platform lowered, and of course it needs a bench to to it right. Now I’m not saying that it could have been done it on the floor just as easy, but if you want to think that it’s ok with me. I’m sure this is just the beginning, but I’m still very very happy to have it.

Another nice thing about taking my time is that tools don’t have to be purchased right away. I’m following the local Craigslist and have seen some nice bargains posted. I think I’m going to get a power planer tomorrow, and will spend $60 for a rather nice Makita. Who cares if it’s a little used? I hope to get some good tools this way.

Anyway, what with the holiday next week nothing is likely to be accomplished anytime soon, but I hope I get the wood at least. I still need to find a local source for 1/4″ marine plywood but I’m not too worried about it. After all, I have time… :)


Nothing left to do but order the wood

The workbench is finished and the garage is organized.


I have the plans and the budget, all I need now is the motivation to buy the wood. I found a place in Charlotte that carries kiln-dried douglas fir, but their marine plywood is all 1/2″ or 3/4″ thick so I need a source for that. I’ll probably get my fasteners over the internet, unless I find a local shop that carries them. That’s a possibility–I have all of Charlotte and also North Myrtle Beach to shop in, and between the two there should be a store somewhere.

You can get full kits from Glen-L, but after pricing out their fiberglass kits I think that their mark-up is a little steep and I can do much better on my own. Maybe if I lived in a small town I would feel different, but I don’t, so I don’t.

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Plans have arrived!

A fat envelope came in the mail for me, and inside was a detailed instruction booklet and several drawings that showed specific measurements and such for the Glen-L 15.  Unfortunately, due to my son’s graduation (whoopie!) from elementary school and a bottle of wine later I didn’t get a chance to really go through them, so I’ll have to comment another time.

I do remember my first thought.  Haven’t these people ever heard of CAD? :)