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Here goes nothing

After giving the people at Woodenboat a couple of days to talk me out of it and into something else, I ordered the plans today. $97.50 for the plans (plus shipping), so I guess I’m committed (or should be).

It’s the Glen-L 15, BTW.

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Tim Allen for a day

Well, I’m definately making progress. The car is gone and the garage is clean (kind of). The tools are still a disorganized mess and I have no place to work yet. Until now, that is. :)

This past weekend I began spending that car money on a little lumber and some tools that I know I’m going to need. No workbench can be considered complete without a grinding wheel (I use a pushmower and need a sharp blade). A vise is necessary too, because sometimes when you’re pounding away at something you need a place where you can secure your beer, right?

So, here’s the workbench I ended up building.


Note the vise on the right and the grinder on the left. Placement was determined by the location of electrical outlets and the fact that my daddy’s vise was on the right on his workbench. Some traditions should be respected, right? I also have my IPod sound station in the center, but I think I need a better place for that. If anyone cares, this thing was built to the musical stylings of George Strait. Another view:


This sucker is BIG. It’s seven feet tall and eight feet wide and three and a half feet deep. At first glance it looks almost too deep, but I intend to put some shelves back there and other items like tool boxes and such, and by the time I’m done I should have about two and a half feet of working area. That seems about right.

Anyway, now there’s no excuses for not having my tools organized. That’s the next step, then I’ll be ordering the plans.

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