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It’s all coming back to me

This morning I did an hour and 45 minutes of spinning class.  Of course it was difficult, but I managed anyway.  I still have a ways to go but I feel like I’m going to be ready for the road come spring.

I also contacted the head of training at the gym.  I’m just about mentally ready to really commit to getting into the shape I want to.  There’s a lot to work with under all that skin and fat, and it will be fun bringing it back to the surface.  I don’t know what my goals are yet, but I’m going to publish them and make this my journal.

In other news, I have tentative plans to get my lumber next weekend.  I’ve had those before though…


45 more minutes of spinning

It’s getting easier.  A lot easier. :)


I’m sore but ok

Did another 45 minutes of spinning this morning.  It was hard to get started, but I finished.


Once more, with feeling

Did another 45 minutes of spinning last night. I still FEEL fat.


Nothing to report

45 minutes of spinning.  Still fat.


Back in the saddle part II

Today I went to the local high school to use their track.  I got a Nike iPod thingie for Christmas and needed to calibrate it.  Once around the track and the job was done.  What was great was the music it decided to play for me.  Out of over a hundred random songs on my playlist, the one that was chosen was, in fact, Back in the Saddle by Aerosmith.  Nice little message there…

Then I went home and ran a mile around the neighborhood and the Nike thing said I was done after nine tenths.  I think the hills threw it off.


Back in the saddle, so to speak

I don’t know if this counts as real exercise, but I rode 25 miles today with my son.  He needed to do it for his bicycle merit badge, and has one more.  Took about three hours, which just reflects how slow kids are.  Still, it felt good to be out riding.


Nothing like (another) freak accident to put a damper on your plans

I put an axe into my foot while splitting some wood. Looks like the gym will have to wait a couple of weeks… :(


Just shoot me now

45 minutes of Body-Pump today. I got bailed out by my daughter, who needed a bottle before the class was over. I’m not going to be going back to that one for a while, I have other ways to get in shape that are less painful…


I weighed 217 on Christmas

One of the presents my wife gave me this Christmas was a new bathroom scale. That’s not too bad, really, I had been asking for one for months. It was a nice little extra to unwrap. Anyway, she knew I wanted one because we’ve both been planning to get back in shape and I like to be pretty methodical about that sort of thing and track my progress.

So I weighed 217. Well, we finally joined a local gym and it looks like we’re really getting started with a fitness program. Time to lose the baby weight! :)

Today I went to my first spinning class in what seems like forever. I’m pleased to report that it felt great, and 45 minutes was a good amount of time for me. I really miss riding, and my body responded very well to the motion.

I also weighed myself and I’m down to 212. What’s my secret? How did I lose five pounds with no exercise and no dieting? It’s simple–since January first I’ve been eating breakfast every day. I’m eating two Trader Joe’s waffles on the way to work. Cheap and effective. That does wonders for your metabolism, and it keeps you from wanting to snack all morning. It’s no way to get to your target weight, but it’s much healthier than not.

So the campaign to get in shape officially begins. At some point I’ll post measurements. Maybe if I’m really brave I’ll throw up some pictures. I’ll say it again–there’s nothing special at all about me so if I can do it anyone can.

1/19/2008–212 lbs, 45 minutes spinning